“My New Knee Gave Me My Life Back”

This first person published account describes how crippling and consuming severe knee pain can be. It also describes how a 2013 knee replacement by Dr. Shah transformed her life. A major theme of this article is that patients wait too long for knee replacement surgery. Many are fearful about outdated notions that a knee replacement is prolonged and extremely painful. That is another world. Today Dr. Shah’s otherwise healthy knee replacement patients are often out of the hospital ninety minutes after their surgery. Thanks to minimal tissue trauma, many choose to take nothing more than over the counter medications during their recovery. Read the article:

The Arlington Park Jockey Who Got Back In The Saddle After A Hip Replacement

This published article tells the touching story of jockey Carlos Silva. Silva rode in excruciating hip pain for years to put two children through college. When his children graduated, his bone damage was severe. Several orthopedic surgeons told him his riding career was over. Two weeks after Dr. Shah operated on him Carlos was pain-free and near recovery. Today he’s back to riding every day training horses at Arlington Park. This story also makes the point that earlier intervention may have allowed Carlos to be treated with a hip arthroscopy and escaped a joint replacement entirely.

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Fireman Back To Saving Lives After Hip Resurfacing

Young or middle-aged active men with moderate arthritis can often benefit from a hip resurfacing. Unlike a hip replacement, this operation preserves the patient’s original “femoral head.” As a result recovery is typically even faster, and range of motion even better, than following a total hip replacement.  This published story describes a firefighter operated on by Dr. Shah who’s back to full active duty. Read the article:

A Patient's Self Video After a Total Hip Arthroplasty

Bob Holt didn’t care about getting back on the ice. He just wanted to be free of his excruciating bilateral hip pain. Dr. Shah recently performed two hip replacements over a five week period. Click below to see Bob just six weeks after his second operation:

CHICAGO TRIBUNE: Medical World Watches As Palatine Patient Climbs Stairs…..30 Minutes After A Hip Replacement! This Chicago Tribune article discusses Dr. Shah’s new “Rapid Recovery Reality” from hip surgery. The article profiles a 62-year-old man walking 30 minutes after his surgery. It also discusses the advances that have made this revolution in orthopedic surgery possible.

CHICAGO TRIBUNE: "Morton Grove Procedure Often Prevents Hip Replacement Surgery!" Becca Comas was told she couldn’t have children and would never be active again. This Chicago Tribune article describes how Dr. Shah gave her back her life with a simple same day procedure called a hip arthroscopy. The procedure can help thousands of similar young patients.