See This Patient One Year After a Total Hip Arthroplasty

See This Patient One Year After a Total Hip Arthroplasty

Last year, we featured a patient’s self video after a total hip arthroplasty, here he is one year later. At 53 years old post double hip replacement, he is back at it.

Dr. Shah is part of movement called Rapid Recovery Reality. Its goal: to get patients back to their active lives as soon as possible. Nationwide the average hip replacement patient will spend three days in the hospital and three months out of work.

Dr. Shah’s otherwise healthy patients typically walk with a cane 45 minutes after surgery, leave the hospital in 90 minutes, and are back to work in a few days or weeks. Patients return to downhill skiing, tennis, personal training, yoga, golf, and other activities.

Physical therapy begins just minutes after your procedure. Pain is minimal even at that point because of the muscle-sparing nature of the operation and topical anesthesia applied inside the hip joint. Physical therapy over the following weeks can also be aggressive because patients are in minimal pain and require minimal use of narcotics.

Every patient’s recovery is unique but many of Dr. Shah’s hip replacement patients are back to active lives just weeks after their procedures.