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Partial Knee Replacement

Unlike a total knee replacement this less invasive, usually same day, procedure replaces only the damaged parts of the knee. The procedure is done when knee osteoarthritis occurs mostly on the medial side of the knee (the side closest to the other knee). A major advantage to this technique is that it preserves healthy bone, cartilage, and ligaments in the knee. Other advantages include less pain, a faster recovery, and a better resulting range of motion. Dr. Shah uses the Oxford Partial Knee to replace the damaged area. This is the first device with a plastic bearing that glides freely throughout the knee’s normal range of motion. The device also has a low wear rate; 91% are still functioning 20 years later.

The procedure

An incision is created in the knee. The arthritic damaged portions of the femur (upper leg bone) as well as any damaged areas of meniscus are removed. A small amount bone is removed from the femur and the tip then reshaped to fit the upper component of the implant Similarly a small section of bone is removed from the tibia (lower leg bone) which is then also reshaped to accept the lower part of the implant. Upper and lower metal components are then cemented into place. A plastic weight bearing implant is then inserted between the two metal surfaces The plastic implant isn’t fixed so it can move as the knee moves allowing the new joint a maximum range of motion. Pain is minimized. While patients may be offered small amounts of oral narcotics, most get by with Ibuprofen and other over-the-counter pain relievers.

The recovery

One of the major advantages of the Oxford Partial Knee Replacement is a faster recovery time. Patients can typically walk with the aid of cane immediately after surgery. They often return to light work within a week or two, and are back to playing light recreational sports like golf within a month. More strenuous sports may require a few additional weeks. Physical therapy generally takes place in the home or in an outpatient physical therapy department.