Knee Replacement

Knee replacement surgery typically takes about one hour. Once again the latest advances in anesthesia allow patients to sleep comfortably during their procedures yet wake up just a few minutes after surgery. Dr. Shah again uses minimally invasive techniques that spare muscle and bone all allow for a faster recovery

One key to knee replacement is a new technology called Patient Specific Instruments (PSI). First patients receive a knee M-R-I….then a computer generates a customized mold that Doctor Shah actually uses to a guide to replacing the knee in the O-R. The mold precisely positions the new knee joint and allows less cutting of bone. “It’s one more tool to minimize tissue injury, accelerate recovery, and produce better long-term results,” says Dr. Shah.


The goal with Dr. Shah’s knee replacement patients is once again a faster recovery. An otherwise healthy person will start walking with a walker 30-40 minutes after surgery, leave the hospital an hour later, resume light work in a few days, and be back to their normal lives in 3-6 weeks. For most patients that normal life includes skiing, tennis, and a full quality of life