A Tennis Player’s Total Right Hip Replacement

Tennis is my passion and I have been playing for 46 years and I am a solid 4.5 player still.  I was told that I was bone on bone (along with two bone spurs) 5 years ago. At that time I went for meetings with three other hip/knee surgeons, two at Northwestern and one at Rush.  All told me that I needed immediate replacement. They also told me that there was no guarantee that I could play at the same level again after replacement. That scared the heck out of me.  I decided to wait.

Mid-year in 2017, I was limping and pretty sore after any tennis or long walking.  I had heard about Dr. Shah from someone at my tennis club. I went to see him and heard answers that I could have only dreamed of!  Outpatient and home the same day. Back on the Tennis court in 3 weeks making sure to be safe (hitting, not running). I interviewed three of his hip replacement patients and got rave reviews. (they were all tennis players and coaches).   I had my hip replacement on Dec 27th,2017.  It was very cold and icy outdoors so I played it safe and staying indoors and did two weeks of PT at home before going to the Physical Therapist location.  It was amazing to be able to sleep with both legs flat on the bed again and not having to change positions every 45 minutes during the night. As promised, I was back on the tennis court at 3 weeks, standing and hitting tennis balls and feeling pretty happy.  After six weeks, I started to include lateral movement on the court and at eight weeks, I was drilling at almost where I had left off. I continue to do strengthening exercises as everything continues to get stronger!

The attached picture here was shot on April 15th, 3 ½ months after hip replacement and I had just played 90 minutes of doubles.

I can’t say enough great things about Dr. Shah and his team and have already sent two new patients over to him who were very grateful after their surgeries!