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A Patient's Self Video After a Total Hip Arthroplasty

See This Patient One Year After a Total Hip Arthroplasty


“My New Knee Gave Me My Life Back”

This first person published account describes how crippling and consuming severe knee pain can be. It also describes how a 2013 knee replacement by Dr. Shah transformed her life. A major theme of this article is that patients wait too long for knee replacement surgery. Many are fearful about outdated notions that a knee replacement is prolonged and extremely painful. That is another world. Today Dr. Shah’s otherwise healthy knee replacement patients are often out of the hospital ninety minutes after their surgery. Thanks to minimal tissue trauma, many choose to take nothing more than over the counter medications during their recovery. Read the article:

The Arlington Park Jockey Who Got Back In The Saddle After A Hip Replacement

This published article tells the touching story of jockey Carlos Silva. Silva rode in excruciating hip pain for years to put two children through college. When his children graduated, his bone damage was severe. Several orthopedic surgeons told him his riding career was over. Two weeks after Dr. Shah operated on him Carlos was pain-free and near recovery. Today he’s back to riding every day training horses at Arlington Park. This story also makes the point that earlier intervention may have allowed Carlos to be treated with a hip arthroscopy and escaped a joint replacement entirely.

Read the article:  >

Fireman Back To Saving Lives After Hip Resurfacing

Young or middle-aged active men with moderate arthritis can often benefit from a hip resurfacing. Unlike a hip replacement, this operation preserves the patient’s original “femoral head.” As a result recovery is typically even faster, and range of motion even better, than following a total hip replacement.  This published story describes a firefighter operated on by Dr. Shah who’s back to full active duty. Read the article:

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Patrick’s Story with Intellijoint HIP

Chicago Doc Finds Way to Perform Surgery with Little or No Narcotics


As Featured on Fox News

Fox News 32 Article: Chicago doc finds way to perform surgery with little or no narcotics

FOX 32 NEWS – An estimated 1 million Americans will undergo knee or hip replacement surgeries this year, and most will be given narcotics to deal with the pain. It’s just that sort of surgery-opiate cycle that is helping to fuel the opioid epidemic in this country. But one Chicago doctor has found a way to perform surgery with little or no narcotics.

Posted On December 14 2018

Is it safe? Outpatient total joint arthroplasty with discharge to home at a freestanding ambulatory surgical center

Posted On December 07 2018

Background: Total joint arthroplasty (TJA) is trending toward shorter hospitalizations; as a result, there are many ambulatory surgical centers (ASCs) starting to perform outpatient TJA. However...

These injuries affect millions of Americans every year

Posted On October 26 2018

There are many benefits to participating in sports at any age, but being in the game is not without risks. With many Americans participating in sports from their toddler years through adulthood, it’s not uncommon for people to experience one or more sports-related injuries...

Special Lunch & Learn Workshop: October 19, 2018

Posted On October 17 2018

The value-based landscape is rapidly changing. Implementing a bundle requires an investment in time, alignment and resources of all providers who care for bundled patients. This includes physicians, nurses, social workers, and administrators...

Hip Pain Is Becoming An Epidemic Among Young, Fit Women

Posted On September 25 2018

Nicole Jefferson was in her late twenties but felt as if she had the hips of a senior citizen. It seemed as if something in her hip was constantly catching and snapping. Pain pinballed from her lower back to her groin to her hip. Short jogs...

The Impact of Technology and Alignment on Improving Value for the Total Joint Replacement Episode of Care

Posted On September 11 2018

The value-based care landscape is rapidly changing. Implementing a bundle requires an investment in time, alignment and resources of all providers who care for bundled patients...

Innovation Trailblazer Award for Ritesh Shah, M.D.

Posted On August 14 2018

Orthopedic surgeon, Ritesh Shah, M.D. has been honored with the IJS Innovation Trailblazer Award of Excellence acknowledging early adoption of intellijoint HIP into his practice at Illinois Bone & Joint Institute and in an ambulatory surgery center (ASC) setting at Illinois Sports Medicine & Orthopedic Surgery Center (ISMOSC) in Morton Grove.

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